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Pet Medical Center & Spa


No matter where you’re going, or where you’re coming from, rest assured that our priority is keeping your furry friend happy, healthy and safe. 

Let your pet vacation with us while you enjoy your time away! We invite you to stop by for a tour of our boarding facility anytime during regular business hours so that you can choose which accommodation would best suit your pet.

Why Choose Pet Medical Center and Spa?

  • VIP Suites available with cameras that allow you to log in via the internet or smartphone to watch your pet.

  • Day Care and/or Spa Care included with all VIP Suites

  • All accommodations are air-conditioned and heated.

  • On premise and on-call veterinarian available for patient concerns while boarding

  • We board diabetic and special needs pets

  • We board pets requiring once, twice and/or three times per day medications

  • Your dog will enjoy an outdoor, clean artificial grass potty area that can be easily sanitized for your dog’s safety.

  • Your pet will receive individual attention.

  • Can be taken for walks outside.

  • Your dog may join the doggie day care activities if he/she passes the temperament test.

  • We have a separate boarding area for cats for their enjoyment.

  • All boarding areas have music playing at all times, relaxing classical & Pet Music® at bedtime

  • Cat boarding area infused with Feliway pheromones for a more comforting environment

  • Cats are individually housed and have clear cage fronts so they may look out.

  • Pay full price for the first pet, 50% OFF each additional pet in the same kennel

While Boarding:

  • All dogs receive three individualized potty breaks per day in our enclosed area.

  • All pets are fed in the AM and again in the PM

  • PMC provides comfortable and sanitary bedding for all pets or you can bring your own.

  • PMC provides both water and food bowls that are able to be sanitized daily in our dishwasher – Please leave your bowls at home

  • PMC provides your pet an easily digestible diet to minimize stress diarrhea or bring your own food at no additional cost.

  • Medications given as requested (up to three times per day M-F, two times a day on Sat and Sun)

Pamper your pet at the Spa with these additional services:

  • Doggie Day Care Play Group (Pending temperament test)

  • Spa Care – Nature walk, play and/or petting session

  • Tuck-In Service – PM chamomile treat & lavender bed spritz

  • Kong Happy Hour – Kong filled treat

  • Kitty Calmer – Feliway bed spritz

  • Ice Cream Social – Banana & peanut butter treat

  • BuddyRest Dog Beds – Upon request

  • Puzzle Time – Interactive treat puzzles

  • Seek & Treat – One-on-one hide and seek w/ treats

  • Bathing/Grooming

  • Toothbrushing

  • Nail Trim

  • Veterinary Services


We require that all boarding pets be on a current dose of veterinary flea control upon entrance. If your pet is not current on flea control, we will need to apply a dose at check-in to ensure our facility stays FLEA FREE.

For your pet’s best protection, the protection of our staff and the protection of other pets in our care, we do require that the following vaccinations be current upon drop off or be updated with us upon check-in:

Dogs: DAPP (Distemper & Parvo), Rabies & Bordetella (given within the last six months). *

Cats: RCP & Rabies*

*Proof of veterinary vaccines must be received at check-in to be admitted to the facility. If you would like our staff to retrieve this information from your veterinarian, please ask us when scheduling your appointment, we would be happy to assist you.

What to Expect at Drop-Off:

Drop-off time for boarding is 12PM-5PM, Monday through Friday. An early drop off fee will be charged outside of these times. Please allow at least 15 minutes to check-in your pet. Our reception staff will meet with you at drop off to welcome your pet and to obtain care instructions and discuss any additional services your pet will receive or concerns you may have.

What to Expect at Pick-Up:

Check-out time is Monday through Friday before 12PM. An early drop off fee will be charged outside of these times.  Please note… if your pet is scheduled to be groomed on the day of pick-up, we ask that you pick-up after 12 noon (you will not be charged for a late check-out) or schedule an early pick-up with your groomer in advance. Please allow 5-10 minutes to check-out from boarding. We will gather your pets belongings together, check you out and get your pet ready to go.

Early/Late Drop-Off-Offs and Pickups: (outside of schedule times) $83 fee

Day Kennel (Dogs and Cats)


Hospital Bath - Quick Rinse


Hospitalization Boarding


Rabies Quarantine/per day


Walk-in Boarding Fee


Dog Boarding:

Accommodations Size Nightly Fee

  • Basic Cage (<15lbs.) 3.5' x 3.0' $43.00

  • Basic Cage Add On 3.5' x 3.0' $22.00

  • Standard Run 3.5' x 6.0' $47.00

  • Standard Run Add On 3.5' x 6.0' $24.00

  • Deluxe Kennel 4.0' x 7.0' $51.00

  • Deluxe Kennel Add On 4.0 x 7.0' $26.00

  • Retreat 6.0' x 8.0' $77.00

  • Retreat *Add On 6.0 x 7.0 $39.00

  • VIP Loft + 4.0' x 5.0' $61.00

  • Vip Loft + Add On 4.0' x 5.0' $30.00

  • VIP Cottage + 4.0' x 7.0' $70.00

  • VIP Cottage + Add On 4.0' x 7.0' $35.00

  • VIP Suite * 6.0' x 8.0' $80.00

  • VIP Suite * Add On 6.0' x 8.0' $41.00

  • VIP Family Retreat * 9.0' x 11.0' $106.00

  • VIP Family Retreat * Add On 9.0' x 11.0' $53.00

All Dog VIP's include Spa Care or Doggie Daycare

All Retreats include BuddyRest bed & Dog TV

*Dog VIP Suites include Internet Video Feed and a comfy Pet Cot to relax on

+VIP Cottages & Lofts are multi-level rooms

Cat Boarding

Accommodations Size Nightly Fee

  • Feline Standard 3.5' x 3' $39.00

  • Feline Standard Add On 3.5' x 3' $20.00

  • Kitty Condo 2.5'x2.5'x7 $51.00

  • Kitty Condo Add On 2.5'x2.5'x7 $26.00

  • Feline VIP * 8.0' x 6.0' $70.00

  • Feline VIP * Add On 8.0' x 6.0' $35.00

*Cat VIP Suite includes Video Feed, Spa Care & a comfy Pet Cot and Cat Cloud to relax on

+VIP Suite & Kitty Condos are multi-level rooms

***Standard kennel size varies depending upon availability at time of check-in

Additional Packages


  • Doggie DayCare: $24.00 – Four hours of supervised playtime with other well-mannered and socialized dogs. Behavior assessment is required.

  • Spa Care: $16.00 – One outdoor walk,  play or petting session (weather permitting, activities at the discretion of PMC).

  • Ice Cream Social: $10.00 – Pumpkin & Peanut Butter house-made frozen treat!

  • Kong Happy Hour: $8.00 – Peanut Butter Kong Stuffin’ stuffed Kong toy as an afternoon treat

  • Tuck-In Service: $8.00 – Relaxing lavender bed spritz, 5-minute snuggle time and bedtime chamomile treats.

  • BuddyRest Dog Bed: $20.00/stay – Memory Foam Dog Bed (Upon request at check-in – First Come, First Serve – no reservations

  • BuddyRest Bed Replacement: $69.00

  • Puzzle Time: $8.00 – Interactive treat puzzles to stimulate brain power

  • Seek & Treat: $8.00 – One-on-one hide and seek with treats

  • Medication Administration: $8.00 per med/per day


  • Spa Care: $16.00 – One play or petting session (activities at the discretion of PMC).

  • Kong Happy Hour: $8.00 – Treat stuffed Kong toy as an afternoon treat.

  • Kitty Calmer: $8.00 – Calming pheromone bed spritz on your cats bedding to comfort them & make them feel more at ease.

  • Tech Time: $8.00 – 10-minute iPad game time.

  • Tuck-In Service: $8.00 – Relaxing lavender bed spritz, 5-minute snuggle time and bedtime chamomile treats.

  • Puzzle Time: $8.00 – Interactive treat puzzles to stimulate brain power

  • Medication Administration: $5.00 per med/per day

  • Examination: $71.00

  • Dropoff: $96.00

  • Exam Medical Progress: $65.00

  • Walk In: $174.00

  • Urgent Care: $118.00

Common Boarding Questions

What are the VIP Suites?

  • Our themed VIP suites are located apart from our standard kennels allowing for your pet to have more peace and quiet, a view to outside and more privacy. They are equipped with live feed video cameras for you to log on and watch your pet at any time. The VIP suite includes spa care and/or daycare and a comfy pet cot for your pet to sleep on. Our VIP Suites are 8′ X 6′.

What are the VIP Lofts?

  • The VIP Lofts are VIP rooms equipped with stairs for your dog to climb up to a top level or climb down to the bottom area for a larger sleeping area. The VIP Lofts include spa care and/or daycare and are best suited for pets under 25 lbs. Our VIP Lofts are 3′ X 5′.

What are the VIP Cottages?

  • The VIP Cottages are VIP rooms equipped with stairs for your dog to climb up to a top level or climb down to the bottom area for a larger sleeping area. The VIP Lofts include spa care and/or daycare. Our VIP Cottages are 4′ X 7′.

What are the VIP Retreats?

  • The VIP Retreats are our newest and most secluded rooms. The VIP Retreats are VIP rooms that are apart from our standard kennels and outside the doggie daycare area where the other VIP areas are located. The VIP Retreats include spa care and/or daycare, are equipped with a flat screen television that plays Dog TV for entertainment while your dog lounges on a luxury BuddyRest orthopedic memory foam dog bed. Our VIP retreats are 6′ X 8′.

What is the VIP Family Retreat?

  • The VIP Family Retreat is our newest and most spacious accommodation. The VIP Family Retreat is a large room that includes spa care and/or daycare, is equipped with a flat screen television that plays Dog TV for entertainment while your dog lounges on a luxury BuddyRest orthopedic memory foam dog bed. Our VIP retreat is 9′ X 11′ and is ideal for multiple pet families or large breed dogs. The Family Retreat is equipped with live feed video cameras for you to log on and watch your pet at any time.

What is a Spa Care Package?

  • Our spa care package includes an approximate 15-minute one-on-one time with your pet whether it is a walk, a game of fetch or time out of the kennel to be brushed, cuddled and spoiled. This is offered to any pet that is boarding with us or even just here for the day!

Can I have my pet groomed or get a dental cleaning before he/she comes home?

  • We offer any grooming or veterinary services your pet may need while they are staying with us whether they are here for boarding or day care. Please inquire about additional services when scheduling your boarding appointment.

Should I bring my pet’s food?

  • You are more than welcome to bring your pet’s food while he/she is staying with us, although we do NOT charge any extra to feed it our food (Iams “low-residue” for large breeds, science diet adult “small bites” for small breeds for dogs. Science diet “sensitive stomach” for cats). We recommend bringing your pet’s food if your pet has any known allergies, a sensitive stomach or a special diet.

Food Bin Fee: $22.00

Can I bring toys and a blanket for my pet?

  • You may certainly bring a few of your pet’s favorite things to make them feel more comfortable. Since pets are not watched at all times, we do not recommend that you bring toys, treats or bedding that have the potential to be choking hazards or that will be ingested. You may bring one or two toys for your pet to play with. Due to space limitations, we recommend that you bring fewer than 5 items and that all items be labeled with your pet’s last name in permanent marker. We will do our best to return all of your belongings to you, however, please do not bring beds or toys that are irreplaceable. To effectively clean up after your pet, we must clean and sanitize bedding and toys. We have found that many big beds are not able to be washed in a washing machine and sometimes they provide extra material for chewing.

Why is my pet so thirsty when he/she comes home? Why does my pet have to pee so bad as soon as I pick him or her up?

  • Going home is a very exciting experience. We recommend taking your pet to potty before jumping in the car. Often times the excitement rush that pets experience reuniting with their family, combined with the ride home may cause them to become very thirsty and your pet will likely walk into your home and go right for the water dish. We provide freshwater water upon check-in and water is checked and refreshed throughout the day.

When I picked up my pet from boarding, why did his blanket smell clean?

  • If you have left your pet with a personal blanket from home, we put it in their kennel at check-in and it remains with the pet for the duration of their stay. These blankets do get laundered and switched out with our blankets from time to time as the kennel is cleaned & sanitized. All personal belongings get pulled from the kennel the night before and laundered so that it will be fresh upon your return home the next day.

I just got a new puppy/kitten but I need to go on vacation, can I board my pet with you?

  • We love puppies & kittens! Although we would love to care for your puppy or kitten, we don’t recommend that puppies or kittens are boarded at any facility until they have completed their complete series of puppy/kitten vaccinations. All pets coming into our boarding facility are required to be up-to-date on vaccines, however, puppies and kittens are more susceptible due to their reduced immunity and no vaccine is 100%. The best protection for your puppy/kitten is to find an alternative to a boarding facility while you are away. If you have no other option and you find that you must board your puppy/kitten with us, your pet must be up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines prior to their stay or update their vaccines upon check-in. Making sure that your pet enjoys his or her visit is very important to us, and at Pet Medical Center we take the time to be gentle with puppies and kittens as they get used to a new routine at the boarding facility.

My pet isn’t very friendly to strangers and doesn’t get out of the house much, can my pet still stay with you?

  • Most pets are excited to come see us, but for some pets a trip out of the house, being at the facility or even the site of other animals is enough to send them into full freak out mode. Don’t worry! We will do our best to make your friend feel comforted while he or she is here. Most nervous pets settle down after their first night when they get used to our daily routine and they notice the same familiar caretakers. While we prefer to take our time and ease your pet into being comfortable with us and their new surroundings, there are a small number of pets that are unwilling to allow us to care for them. For the safety of our staff and the comfort of your pet, if your pet is showing aggressive behavior that makes it impossible for us to care for them, we will move your pet to a run that is double sided with a door in between so that we can still clean, water & feed your pet without stressing your pet out. We will continue to try to ease your pet by talking to them during their stay and may ask the veterinarian to evaluate your pet for stress and comfort.

Extra Handling fee: $7.00