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Pet Medical Center & Spa

Medical Boarding

We know that it can be quite worrisome to leave your pet, especially if they are recovering from a serious illness or a surgical procedure, or even managing a chronic condition that requires additional care.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive medical boarding to help ease your worries and ensure that your pet receives professional and compassionate attention.

What does Medical Boarding Entail?

  • Close professional supervision by our Veterinary & Technician team

  • Condition-specific accommodations (slings/mobility aids, cones/e collars/wound-wear, etc.)

  • Condition specific treatments(Wound care & dressing, bandage changes, fluids)

  • Chronic condition monitoring

  • Comfortable, monitored recovery from SX and complex procedures

  • Kennel accommodation tailored to each pet’s needs (in-hospital or standard boarding)

  • Medication administration performed by Technician staff

What are the Benefits of Medical Boarding?

  • Veterinarian and Medical staff on site

  • Knowledgeable and Highly trained professionals in attendance to your pet

  • Worry-free management of treatment and recovery plans

  • Ability to adjust and amend treatment plans quickly if necessary

  • Ability to address emergent concerns quickly

What kind of conditions qualify for medical boarding?

There are many reasons to select medical boarding for your pet. Here are some of the more common conditions requiring additional care:

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetics

  • Epileptic

  • Hyperthyroid

  • Renal patients on SC Fluids

  • Complicated nursing needs- Paralysis, sling walking / in a cart, down dogs, neurologically inappropriate patients.

  • Recently hospitalized patients – owners are out of town when patients would normally be discharged, etc.

  • Any patient whose condition is not yet controlled or is still in the process of being monitored (cats recently hospitalized and are at risk of reblocking, etc).

  • Wound management pets

  • Pets recovering from TPLO surgery or Amputation

  • Very young pets

  • Very old pets

How much does Medical Boarding cost?

Medical boarding costs vary based on pet size, care requirements, and medications administered. We would be glad to provide an estimate tailored to your pet’s individual needs! Patients must have an exam current within 30 days of boarding date, and meet all standard boarding vaccine and flea control requirements unless otherwise indicated by our DVM team.